{Halloween Activity} Witch’s Sensory Brew

Halloween Witch's Sensory Bin

Double, Double Toil and trouble. This is a fun spaghetti sensory bin tailored for Halloween.  Dye the pasta a creepy green and purple color and add some creepy crawlies and you have a perfect spooky Halloween sensory bin! We decided to make this a witch’s sensory brew!

For this SPELL you’ll need:

  • Brains and Worms (Spaghetti dyed purple and green)
  • Ground bones (garlic powder)
  • Spiders (toy spiders; I got mine at the dollar store)
  • Centipedes (I also got these at the dollar store)
  • Magic (glitter)

This activity:

  • Provides opportunity to explore using senses
  • Develops fine motor skills by squishing, grabbing, mashing
  • Helps teach the properties of objects
  • Provides opportunity to teach descriptive words such as slimy or wet.
  • Allows for the exploration of Halloween themes

Cook the spaghetti per the directions and toss with some olive oil and green food coloring in a ziplock bag. Use blue and red food coloring for a separate batch to get purple color. We also did orange.

Halloween witch brew activity

I then divided the spaghetti into bowls and laid out all of the “ingredients”. I also laid out a large pot for her “cauldron.” She started by adding the spaghetti to the cauldron.

Witch brew activityShe then added the “worms”

Halloween Sensory bin

She then added her creepy crawlies

Halloween Activity Sensory KidsThen add your ground bone

Halloween ActivityShe stirred it all around, using her hands and a spoon. We then added the glitter together.

Witch brew halloween activity

Have a spooktacular time!

For more colored Spaghetti Fun check out our Rainbow Sensory Activity!

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  1. says

    I love this idea. I’m pinning it for a Messy Learning Lab coming up in December, so I may tweak it a little bit. I like the idea of making a spell, we’ve been playing Lego Harry Potter lately with the potion-making.

    • Brittany says

      I do not know the exact answer to how long the pasta would keep but I think that if you put it in a ziplock in the fridge it would keep for several weeks? I will have to test it out! :)


  1. […] We talked briefly about messy play when talking about hands-on play. Messy play can be intimidating and may even cause some anxiety at the beginning. However, there are ways to ease your comfort and still provide your child with the great learning opportunity messy play provides. Messy play allows for learning through all the senses. Messy play is a tactile experience that allows children to learn about texture. To keep messy play less messy, here are few tips. First, use a “mess mat”. We use a plastic shower curtain liner purchased at the dollar store to go under any messy activity or project. Also, consider moving messy play outdoors or better yet, in the bathtub! For more ideas on how to overcome a fear of messy play go HERE. For some fun messy play ideas try finger painting or sensory bins. […]

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