Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

We absolutely love sensory play. It is fun, educational, and relaxing! I’m so excited to be taking part in the 31 Days of Sensory Play with Adventures of Adam! We took all our items from our Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt and made this fun Valentine’s Day Sensory bin.

Valentine's Day Sensory bin


For This You’ll need:

  •  Plastic Container
  • Kool Aid Dyed Rice
  • Shredded red paper
  • Valentine’s Day items I used a box, heart shaped bracelets, heart shapes, and a balloon.

Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

This activity helps:

  • Promote learning through all 5 senses
  • Build fine motor skills
  • Teaches Valentine’s Day themes
  • Teach colors, shapes, size, and texture
  • Teaches classification, categorizes and counting
  • Builds vocabulary

She started by feeling the rice with her hands.


She then started filling the box with rice

Valentine's Day Sensory Bin



She then started to fill the box with all the glitter heart shapes. This was a great way for her to learn classification which is a pre-math skill. She was grouping the items together based on their common features.

We also used them to learn the colors red and pink. I showed her which one was pink and which was red, then we dumped them all back out and I would ask her to find the pink ones and put them back in the box. Then we did it for the red ones.


This activity helps:  Promote learning through all 5 senses Build fine motor skills Teaches Christmas themes Teach colors, shapes, size, and texture Builds vocabulary

Another learning opportunity was with the bracelets. She started to put all of them in the box, so we started counting as she put them in and then would count them as she took them out.

Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

She really loved this sensory bin. As with most sensory bins, this kept her busy for over an hour and we will keep it in our play rotation for quite a few weeks.

Be sure to check out the other amazing sensory play ideas on the 31 Days of Sensory Play Challenge!

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