Top 10 Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring is in the air! I absolutely love Spring, it is one of my favorite season. The flowers blossoming, rain, baby animals, warmer weather, love it all. Kids love Spring as well and it can be one of the most fun seasons for crafts and so I thought I would share with you the top 10 Spring Crafts for kids from some of my favorite kid bloggers. Be sure to click through and check out their post on how to make these darling spring crafts!

Spring Crafts for Kids

Top 10 Spring Crafts for Kids

1. Flower Cork Craft | Love, Play, Learn

spring flower craft for kids


2. Paper Plate Birds | Happy Hooligans

Spring Craft for Kids


3. Acorn Flower Craft | Crafty Morning


4. Paper Bag Tiara’s | Happy Hooligans


5. Paper Plate Bunny | Love, Play, Learn

Spring Craft for Kids

6.  Butterfly Finger Puppet | While Wearing Heels

butterfly title 040a

7.  Chick Craft | Crafty Morning


8.  Cupcake Liner Flowers | Laughing Kids Learn

Spring Crafts for Kids

9.  Cherry Blossom Art | Alpha Mom

Spring crafts for Kids

10. Paper Plate Sheep | Housing a Forest

Spring Craft for Kids

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