Toddler Art Name Activity

Art Name Activity for Kids

Learning to recognize their own name and the letters that it contains is one of the first steps towards literacy. For young toddlers the key is to introduce and get them familiar with seeing the letters of their name. Here is a simple and fun art name activity for kids.

For this activity you’ll need:

This activity:

  • Teaches letter recognition
  • Teaches name recognition
  • Explores art and creativity

First gather your paint, paper and alphabet letters that are in your child’s name. Then I used the cookie cutters to spell out my daughter’s name, so that she could she what it looked like.

Art Name Activity

Then I let her go for it and she took the letters and stamped them on the paper. She knows the names of all the letters of the alphabet, so when she picked one up I would ask her what letter it was. If your child is still learning letters, then this is a great opportunity to label each letter they use.

Art Name Activity for Kids


When she was done with her project, we then lined the letters underneath her name in the correct order, naming each letter as we went.

Art Name Activity for Toddlers


This is such a simple way to introduce your toddler or preschooler to the letters of their name. Use every opportunity available throughout the day to point out the letters of their name and to let them see their name by labeling their stuff or through art projects such as this and they will be right on their way to learning to spell their name!

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