Spaghetti Sensory Play

Spaghetti Sensory Activity


This activity has so much potential. It could be a simple sensory activity  like I did with my daughter or you can make it more elaborate. I boiled some spaghetti and put it in two different bowls and gave her a potato masher and a spaghetti spatula and let her go at it.

This activity

  • Provides opportunity to explore using senses
  • Develops fine motor skills by squishing, grabbing, mashing etc
  • Helps teach properties of objects
  • Provides opportunity to teach descriptive words such as slimy or wet.
 She started by using the masher to twirl the spaghetti around.
Spaghetti Toddler Sensory play
 She then took the spatula to see how it behaved
Like a good scientist in order to make sure she understood its properties, she had to taste it
 And at the end it all ended up on the floor!

She really had a good time with this one. One thing I learned from this is I need to get a “mess” mat. I am going to be going to the Dollar Store and buying a plastic shower curtain liner to serve as a mat for the messier activities.

I am excited for future variations on this activity. You could do “monster brains” for Halloween and use green food coloring and little plastic bugs. You could use food coloring to make rainbow spaghetti and add magnetic alphabet letters for literary fun with older kids. You could add olive oil for especially slimy spaghetti and add plastic creepy crawlies for the kids who like to be grossed out. The possibilities are really endless!

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