Love Potion Science Experiment for Kids

We are obsessed with science experiments here in our house. Especially the fizzy and explosion kind! We thought it would super fun to make a love potion explosion. This is such a fun and educational science activity great for Valentine’s day but is equally fun anytime of the year. It was a huge hit!

Science Experiment Kids Love Potion


For this science experiment you’ll need:

Love Potion Science

Step 1. Pour around 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda and half a packet of glitter in one vase and then fill the other vase up with vinegar and add a half packet of your color choice of Kool-aid and then add the rest of the glitter.

Science Experiment for kids


Step 2. Put your vases in a baking pan to contain the explosion! Have your child add the liquid to the baking soda

Science Experiment for kids


Step 3. Observe the love potion in action! So cool

Science Experiment for kids

The glitter made the coolest bubbles. We talked about the reaction of  vinegar and baking soda

Science Experiment for kids

Then we decided to do another love potion and make a hypothesis about what was going to happen. This time she wanted to add more of the baking soda to the vase.

Love Potion Science Experiment

She loved the massive explosions. We talked about what observation meant and then talked about what we were observing.

Love Potion Science Experiment

Then we talked about why this love potion was different than the first one. Because she had added so much baking soda there was different layers in her potion: the baking soda, the liquid, and the fizz. She thought this was really cool looking

Science Experiment for kids

This science experiment for kids was huge hit! So fun and so pretty.

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Science experiments for kids


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