{Raising Tots} 5 Ideas for a Toddler Friendly Christmas


Just in time to usher in the Christmas season we Welcome Rebekah from The Golden Gleam as our guest this week on {Raising Tots}. With all the hustle and bustle this time of year, she shares 5 ideas to keep Christmas toddler friendly.

Toddler Friendly Christmas

Christmas can be a joy with a toddler in the home.  Toddlers are at an age where they begin appreciating the festivities of the season.

But all the new experiences can be overwhelming to a toddler, so meltdowns may be more likely to occur.  Both child and parent may find themselves more stressed than happy during Christmas celebrations.

I believe that the Christmas season can have more smiles than tears from a toddler (and Mama) by following a few simple steps to make Christmas more enjoyable for your toddler.

A Toddler Friendly Christmas

1. Decorate the Tree for the Toddlers

Keep breakable ornaments and wire hooks off a Christmas tree a toddler has access to.  Decorate the tree with ornaments the toddler can rearrange.  Kids don’t stay toddlers forever so there will be many more years to decorate your tree with precious ornaments.

Some families enjoy having two trees or you can display breakable ornaments in another part of the home out of reach from curious hands.

2. Walk Around the Block to View the Outdoor Christmas Lights

Creating a routine of an evening walk to watch the Christmas lights gives some predictability to a season that is packed full of new experiences.  The fresh air and exercise calms over excited little ones.

Toddlers don’t need to see all the best Christmas light displays around town because they are happy watching the same simple light displays in your neighborhood.

3. Put Out a Collection of Christmas Themed Toys and Books

Keep a collection of books and toys that have a Christmas and Winter theme, and only take them out once you start decorating your home for Christmas.  The “new” toys delight the children and keep them happy while you may be busy decorating your home or entertaining guests for the holidays.

The Christmas toys may even distract the little ones from the mound of wrapped presents under the tree.  Though, I have never been brave enough to keep wrapped presents in reach of my toddlers, so I can’t promise you the toys will do the trick.

4. Place a Holiday Blanket on the Couch

One year we received a snowman throw as a present.  Instantly, it was a hit with my oldest daughter.  She used it in imaginative play for creating her own Christmas stories with her stuffed animals.

And there’s not much that’s better than snuggling under that blanket and reading Christmas stories on a chilly day.

Naps might be more enticing to a wired toddler with a Christmas blanket.

5. Keep it Simple

There are limitless possibilities for participating in holiday events and activities.  Most toddlers thrive on a predictable schedule.  You don’t need to attend every holiday event you are invited to, and your toddler (and you) will probably be more happy.

Don’t feel pressured to have an advent activity calendar filled with a new Christmas activity every day.  While holiday activities are fun, toddlers find joy doing the same activities over and over again.  Singing the same carols, reading the same Christmas books, and filling and dumping a holiday gift bag with toys are easy Christmas activities that most toddlers enjoy.

Enjoy your Christmas with the toddlers in your life.  They won’t stay this little forever so cherish them as they are right now.

Rebekah is a happy but a little bit nutty mom of four children under five years old.  She blogs at The Golden Gleam about lighting up kids through art, play, learning, and a lot of love. She believes in joyful, playful, and thoughtful parenting.


Such great advice from Rebekah over at The Golden Gleam. Make sure to check out her wonderful blog and to catch her on Facebook. For more toddler tips, advice, and activities head over to the {Raising Tots} page.

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