Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play

Toddler Sensory Bin

This a fun indoor sensory activity. This is a twist on the Spaghetti Sensory Play activity we did last month. I was really worried that this was going to be super messy but it actually was not bad at all. I think the oil made the spaghetti soak up the food coloring and it did not stain or bleed on anything. The only mess came from the oil making it a bit slimy.

For this activity you need
-Cooked Spaghetti
-Cooking oil
-Food coloring
-Container (I used my plastic bin)

This activity
-Provides opportunity to explore using senses
-Develops fine motor skills by squishing, grabbing, mashing
-Helps teach the properties of objects
-Provides opportunity to teach descriptive words such as slimy or wet.
-Teaches colors

Boil Spaghetti and separate it into 4 (or how ever many colors you want to have) separate bowls or I used ziplock bags.

Add a bit of oil and a few drops of food coloring and mix.

Add the spaghetti to your container 

Add the toys

She was most interested in the animal figures at the beginning

She then moved on to running her hands through the Spaghetti. We talked about how it was slimy

She was trying to share with our dog, Bailey

She would drop it out of the bin, so I would remind her to keep it in the bin and she would pick the strand up and put them back in.

Easy variation on the spaghetti sensory play. Isabella had a a lot of fun with this one; she loves these hands-on sensory activities.

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