How to Praise Your Child so They Grow up Happy, Confident and Capable.

praise your child the right way

  Praising your child is important and doing it the right way is equally, if not more, important. There have been studies done about the harmful effects of praising children in a general sense instead of praising them for their effort or actions.  Here are some easy tips for praising your child that will raise a happy, […]

How to Dye Rice with Kool-Aid Tutorial

how to dye rice with kool-aid

This is a simple tutorial on how to dye rice with Kool-aid. This is a great way to add vibrant colors and scents to rice for sensory bins and other fun activities   You’ll need: 1 cup rice 1/2 teaspoon Kool-aid 1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol large ziplock bag How to Make Kool-Aid Rice Step 1-Pour your […]

An Open Letter to the Stranger Staring as my Child Cries

public tantrum

To the stranger staring at me as my child cries, I have had a few experiences recently that have really made me ponder about why you think it is okay to act the way you have. The first experience was when my family was traveling on airplane from Disneyland. I had a very traumatic experience […]

How Time Changes When you Become a Mom

motherhood time goes too fast

Before I had kids, time was not something I thought much of. I was young and time felt endless. Then I had kids and my perception of time drastically changed. Here is a lesson we all learn when we become mothers. Time moves at lightening speed and can be your enemy. You never truly realize […]

Valentine’s Fizzy Brew

Valentine's Activity for Kids Fizzy Brew

This sensory activity was not planned but happened as a result of the aftermath of our love potion science experiment.  The love potion explosions made such cool glittery bubbles that my daughter just couldn’t resist playing in it. I thought that this would be a fun activity even outside of the science experiment and thought I […]

6 Tips for the Perfect Family Movie Night

family movie night tips

*Thank you Pop Secret for sponsoring this post* Spending quality time as a family can sometimes be difficult with the busy lives and schedules most of us have. However, taking the time to have quality time with your family is so important and vital for quality relationships. I thought I would share with you our #1 most […]

Top 10 Valentine Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

I love Valentine’s Day, it is so much fun for parents and kids. I love doing fun Valentine’s Crafts and Activities with my kids and I am always looking for new and fun ways to play and learn. I thought I would share with some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Activities. 1o FUN Valentine’s Day Activities for […]

Dinosaur Activities and Crafts for Kids

dinosaur activities, crafts for kids

Do you have a dinosaur lover? I think every kid goes through a dinosaur phase. My kids are obsessed. They love dinosaur shows, dinosaur books, and dinosaur activities. Here are some fun activities, crafts, and books for your dinosaur lover.   DINOSAUR ACTIVITIES AND CRAFTS 1.Dinosaur Fossils 2. Dinosaur Fossil Sensory Excavation with Edible Dirt 3.Dinosaur […]

Love Potion Science Experiment for Kids

Science Experiment Kids Love Potion

We are obsessed with science experiments here in our house. Especially the fizzy and explosion kind! We thought it would super fun to make a love potion explosion. This is such a fun and educational science activity great for Valentine’s day but is equally fun anytime of the year. It was a huge hit!   […]

Seasons of Motherhood

Seasons of Motherhood

What season of motherhood are you in? The concept of ‘seasons’ in relation to motherhood was not something I was familiar with until recently. I was going through a tough time in my mothering journey after the birth of my second child and I decided to go on a journey to Rediscover Happiness in Motherhood. In […]