Opposite Day {Celebrate the Fun}

Opposite Day

The first Holiday we are celebrating as part of our {Celebrate the Fun} series is Opposite Day! The nice thing about this holiday, and the other holidays that I will be sharing as a part of this series, is it doesn’t matter if you celebrate on the “official” day. You can celebrate Opposite Day whenever you want to bring a little fun into your families day!

Here are some of the things we did to celebrate Opposite Day.

We started off by dressing the opposite of how we normally would. It has been a freezing cold winter here, so we broke out our summer clothes and wore them for the day. We stayed indoors, of course!

Opposite Day

Next for lunch, we ate a dessert as our first course. My daughter was ecstatic about this and said to me “Yummy cookie? Thank you Mommy!”.

Opposite Day

My nieces stopped by and joined us with for some more Opposite Day fun. To explore Opposites, they made opposite emotions paper plate face masks. They made a happy/silly face and then they made a sad/mad/mean face.

To make these masks all you need is

  • Paper Plate
  • Markers
  • Googly Eyes
  • Craft sticks
  • Glue

I let them have free range on how they wanted to decorate their masks. Then they modeled their opposite emotion paper plate masks.

paper plate mask paper plate mask paper plate mask paper plate mask

Paper plate mask

Lastly, we had breakfast for dinner! I am in on anything that give us an excuse to have pancakes or waffles for dinner. My daughter thought so too..

Opposite Day

Other ideas to celebrate Opposite Day are:

  • Let you children say the opposite of everything they mean for the day
  • Read a book backwards
  • Make an opposites collage
  • Switch roles. Have your kids be take on the role of parent by cooking dinner or by roleplaying for smaller children.
  • Opposite Sensory Bin

I hope you had fun celebrating Opposite Day. If you missed it, do not despair! Just simply pick a day and declare it Opposite Day. Your family will have a blast, I guarantee it! Be sure to check back and help in celebrating with us Tell a Fairy Tale Day which is on February 26th!

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