Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Activity

`Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? His books are so fun and whimsical. I love the rhyming and repetition which is great for the youngest kids to memorize. One of our favorite Dr. Seuss books is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Below is an extension bath activity and snack to go along with this fun book.

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish REd Fish Blue Fish Activity for Kids

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Activity

one fish two fish red fish blue fish


For this activity you’ll need:

How to Make Foam Fish

Step 1. cut out your fish shapes from the foam

Step 2. I used a permanent marker to draw a face and fin

Step. 3 I cut out 2 for each color. We had yellow, blue, red, and, green.

Step. 4 Put in the bathtub and play!

First we made a pattern- yellow, green, red, and blue. 

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Activity

Then we made another pattern. This was a great way to talk about colors.

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Activity

She then took them off one by one and counted them as she went. She then put them back on the bath wall counting them as she added them. Granted, her counting goes something like this, “one, two, three, six, nine”.

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Activity


She remembered the book because as she kept taking them on and off she would say “one fish, two fish, more fish, more fish”.

While those aren’t the exact words, they are pretty close. That is what I love about Dr. Seuss books. The rhyming and repetition is something that even the youngest children pick up on.

 She really loved this activity. She spent the remaining time in the bath taking the fish off and putting them back on. I think we will definitely be playing with these fish again!

 Then we had a one fish two fish snack inspired by Simple Girl at Home. We made a fish bowl, which turned out so fun. My daughter loved eating and playing in this! It also great for sensory play!

one fish two fish red fish blue fish snack

one fish two fish red fish blue fish snack


Looking to buy One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish? Here is a link for your convenience.

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    Hello Brittany and Isabella,

    I loved your Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish, post so much that I decided to introduce your blog to the Japan Update readers. I hope you don’t mind. I included your blog picture and link.

    I am thinking of starting a blog to follow my daughter’s development. Yesterday she read to us ( making stuff on the way) Dr. Seuss’s Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you?. I only read it to her once. The fact that her first language is japanese and I only speak to her in Spanish has me amazed. She inspired this week’s column. I would like to welcome you as a guest columnist. This space has been provided to me for free by the retired founder of the this small weekly paper. I have spent 20 years on this island cleaning beaches and teaching English. The paper is printed on Thursdays and expanded columns are put on-line. Here is a taste of some of the past columns check the website above. Please feel free to contact me. Please let me know if the column brings you any increased traffic. I do not get paid to write it and have been writing since Apri of last year. Wow! Can’t believe its been one year. Best regards E.

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