Holiday Photo Memories

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.” -Unknown

recording memories of the holidays

This was my daughter’s 2nd Thanksgiving and it is amazing how much difference a year makes. As I was pondering how fast the holidays past, I really wanted a way to record and capture some of the memories. I thought that this was an easy and cute way to do so.

All you do is take a photo of your child that was taken on the speicific holiday you are documeting.

Then you can use a free photo editing program like PicMokey to make a collage and to add text.

Add their name, the holiday, and the year.

Next add some hightlights and memories from the Holiday that you will want to remember. For Thanksgiving I did my daughters favorite food from our Thanksgiving feast and a few of the things she enjoyed doing with her cousins.

This could be done with any and all holidays and can be adapted to that holiday. For instance, for Christmas you could include their favorite present.

For older kids, you can do a short “interview” and ask them some of their favorite foods, gifts, and memories.

This is such a easy way to make sure that the memories of a given holiday are captured and remembered because moments really do pass quickly and if not recorded, can quickly fade.

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