Halloween Math Activity: Patterns

Halloween math activity patterns

This is an easy Halloween Activity that is great for teaching preschoolers the pre-math skill- patterns. Learning patterns is the basis for more complicated math like addition and times tables.

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Halloween foam cutouts ( I got mine at the dollar store)

I set all of the on the table and told my daughter that we were going to make patterns. She already has a basic understanding of patterns but you could also help guide them in the beginning. First she made a simple pumpkin, spider, pumpkin, spider, pattern.

Halloween Math Activity for Kids


Then she added more and then named each cut out in her pattern. She said “I have a spider, pumpkin, spider, ghost, cat, ghost, cat.” This is good that not only can she put together a pattern but that she can verbalize which patterns she is making.
Halloween Math Activity for Kids


Then she did a AABBCC pattern

Halloween Math Activity for Kids

There are so many different patterns that can be used for this activity. It is great Halloween fun while still being educational. That is my favorite kind of activity!

For more Halloween activities follow my Halloween Pinterest Board or head to my blog’s Halloween Activities Page.

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