{Fun Fall Activity} Size and Texture Concepts with Gourds

fall childrens activity

I had bought a package of “decorative gourds” at walmart for a few bucks that I was planning on using for a Halloween Sensory Bin that I was doing for as a contributor for Kiwi Crate’s Recipes for fun. After we were done with that activity, I was wondering what other fall activities we could do with the gourds. As I looked as them, I noticed that these oddly shaped and varied in size gourds would provide a great teaching opportunity to explore the concept of size and texture.

For this activity you will need:

Decorative gourds in various sizes (I got mine in a bag at Walmart right by the produce section)

This activity:

  • Teaches the concept of size and relation between small and big
  • Teaches about different textures such as smooth and bumpy
  • Allows children to practice counting

First we started by putting the gourds in a line starting from smallest to largest.

Fall Counting and size activity Then we practiced counting them.

Pumpkin Counting ActivityShe loved to gather them all up in her arms. She said the word pumpkin for the very first time during this activity. She pronounces it “pumpkey”.

Pumpkin Activity

Then we compared two depending on size. We grabbed the smallest and the largest.

Fall Size concept activity for childrenThen we compared two depending on their texture. The first was smooth and the second bumpy.

Teaching children about textureShe then thought it would be fun to fill up my camera bag with them! That kept her entertained for quite awhile.Fall activity for kids


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