Fruit Loop Sensory Bin

Since my little lady still puts everything in her mouth, I am constantly in search of fun and edible sensory activities. I thought why not try something fun, colorful and yummy! The Fruit Loop sensory bin was born! I love sensory bins because they help promote the development of fine motor skills. They also allow the child to experience different textures through experimenting using their senses. I love that my little lady is learning but doesn’t even know it because she is having such fun!

-Fruit Loops
-Sensory bin container (I use a plastic container bought from Target)
-Measuring cups


Add the fruit loops to the container

Then add the toys and measuring utensils.  These toys are sand toys that I got at the dollar section at Target


She flipped the green toy car over and began filling it up with the fruit loops

She then used the Tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop up the fruit loops and put them in the dump truck

I threaded the fruit loops onto the piper cleaner and then she had fun taking them all off

This activity really was fruity educational fun!

TIP: I use a “mess mat” under these types of activities for a quick and easy cleanup. My mess mat is simply a plastic shower curtain from the dollar store that I use to quickly dispose of any mess that is made. 

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