Tell a Fairy Tale Day with Magic Fairy Wand Craft

Fairy wand

Once Upon a Time,

There once was a mommy who loved her family more than anything in the world. Sometimes she felt the day-to-day monotony could put a damper on her and her family’s mood. To overcome this, she became determined to bring some fun and whimsy into their everyday lives. One way she did this was to celebrate a fun/silly/unique/unknown holiday once a month as a family. This brought great joy, laughter, and silliness into their lives and they all lived Happily Ever After.

As you may have guessed from my introduction, today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day! We had such a blast celebrating this holiday. To start off I wanted to share the importance of story telling and fairy tales.  If you are like me and not a natural story teller, I found this post Storytelling 101: Tell Stories Your Kids Will Love to be incredibly useful.

Fairy tale quotes

To celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day we started by reading the classic version of Cinderella. Tell a Fairy Tale Day has to include reading actual fairy tales.

Next, we made up our own fairy tale using these storytelling tips. Our story was about a little frog who loved her daddy so much and missed him terribly when he had to go to work. She overcame her sadness by playing with her mommy until her daddy came home. When her daddy came home they played and laughed and lived happily ever after. You get the point. My daughter wanted me to repeat this story over and over because it is something that she has trouble with. She was able to explore the emotions she feels when her daddy has to go to work through a story.

Next, we made a Fairy Wand. I will share how to make it below!

To make a fairy wand you’ll need:

  • dowel
  • cardboard to cut out a star
  • ribbons to make streamers
  • paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • glitter (optional)


Let your child paint the dowel

Fairy Wand

Cut out a star from the cardboard and let your child paint, decorate, and add glitter.

Fairy Wand


Use a hot glue gun to glue the start to the dowel

fairy wand

Tie ribbon in a secure knot to make the streamers

fairy wand

Now your little fairy is ready to get to making some bippity-boppity magic!

Fairy Wand


Fairy Wand


To finish off Tell a Fairy Tale Day, we acted out a fairy tale! My daughter acted out Cinderella with her daddy by dancing

Acting out Story


Does the glass slipper fit?

Acting out a fairy tale

How will you spend Tell a Fairy Tale Day? 

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