{Dinosaur Week} Fun Activities for Kids who Love Dinosaurs

Here are all the posts from Dinosaur Week all in one place. Enjoy!

dinosaur activities

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Dinosaur Fossils

salt dough dinosaur fossil

Salt Dough Recipe for Dinosaur Fossils

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils


Dinosaur Fossil Sensory Excavation with Edible Dirt

Dinosaur Fossils Excavation activity

Dinosaur Craft 

dinosaur craft

5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Field Trip with your Kids


How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

How does a dinosaur say goodnight review

Do you have a dinosaur lover? What are their favorite dino-related activity?

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  1. says

    Great ideas! Love this post! We’re huge dinosaur fans and love the How Do Dinosaurs books. They are so cute! If I can, I’ll share a link to some of our other favorite dinosaur books in case your little one might like them, too :)


    My son also loves to make dinosaur fossils in his play dough, both the footprints and the side profile like you did with your salt dough. We’ll play that guessing game forever — he loves it!

    Have fun, and thanks for sharing!
    :) Lauren
    365 Great Children’s Books


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