Dinosaur Craft for Toddlers


I wanted to incorporate a craft as part of Dinosaur Week . This is a great dinosaur craft for toddlers which is great for their fine motor skills. This one is great too because toddlers get to do a fun craft and  learn about shapes at the same time!

dinosaur craft for kids

For this craft you’ll need:

  • Construction or colored paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • googly eye

This activity:

  • Builds fine motor skills
  • improves eye-hand coordination
  • Teaches shapes
  • Boosts creativity

1.First cut out your shapes for your dinosaur.

dinosaur craft for toddlers


To make stegosaurus  cut

  • an oval for the body 2 rectangles for legs
  • Long triangle for the tail
  • Small rectangle for the neck
  • Small triangle for the head
  • 5 triangles of various sizes for the spikes on the the back. 

2. Now let your child apply glue to the backs of shapes.

Label each shape for young toddlers or ask older children what each shape is to build their vocabulary and understanding of shapes.

dinosaur craft for kids


Younger toddlers may need guidance of where to put the shapes and don’t worry if it is not perfect. They will still love doing it.

dinosaur craft

3. Then add a googly eye and draw a smile and you have your very own stegosaurus! I think this turned out super cute. My daughter loved it once she realized she had just made a dinosaur.

dinosaur craft for kids


dinosaur craft


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