Christmas Sensory Bin Activity for Kids

Christmas Sensory Bin for Children

We LOVE sensory bins. L.O.V.E. Here is a simple and fun Christmas themed sensory bin. Most of the items needed are probably things you already have on hand.

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Container ( I use a large plastic container purchased at Target)
  • Green rice (for how to color rice go HERE)
  • Various Christmas related items. Think non breakable ornaments, gift bows, etc. I mostly used decorations off my tree that were non breakable. I found a darling Christmas tree at the dollar store that added greatly to this bin.

This activity helps:

  • Promote learning through all 5 senses
  • Build fine motor skills
  • Teaches Christmas themes
  • Teach colors, shapes, size, and texture
  • Builds vocabulary

Add your rice to container and then all your Christmas item

Christmas Sensory Bin for ChildrenThen play!

First she played with the rice


Christmas Sensory Bin for Children

Then she did some scooping and pouring (just use some measuring spoons or cups from your kitchen)

Christmas Sensory Bin for Children

Sensory bins are great for learning new vocabulary words for young toddlers. When she picked up the gift bow, I told her it was a “bow” and she put it on her head because she though I meant a hair bow. It was too funny!

Christmas Sensory Bin for ChildrenShe loved picking up the rice and making it “rain” over the tree.

Christmas Sensory Bin for ChildrenChristmas Sensory Bin for ChildrenShe had a blast with this sensory bin, it occupied her for almost an hour which any one with a toddler knows that is nothing short of miraculous!

Christmas Sensory Bin for kids

TIP: For an easy cleanup use a “mess mat”. We use a plastic shower curtain liner from the dollar store. You are able to to just dump the mess. Ours needs to be replaced, so we didn’t use one. The mess was not so bad, I just had to remind my daughter a few times that the rice stays in the bin.

For more activities like this head to my Christmas page and follow my Christmas Pinterest Board.

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  1. says

    Great bin! I love the color of your rice. And I definitely know what you mean about loving any activity that keeps a toddler entertained for an hour. My kids, too, will stay engaged with a sensory bin for that long. And that is just one of many reasons I love sensory bins!

    • Brittany says

      I am glad you liked it! You should post a pic of it on my Facebook page! I would LOVE to see it. :) Thank you, Happy Holidays to you as well!


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