Christmas Around the World: Nicaragua

Feliz Navidad

I am a typical American girl. Christmas for me growing up was the stereotypical straight out of the Christmas movies with family, food, and fun. My husband is a first generation American. His family lived in Nicaragua and fled to Miami, Florida to escape their home country that was ravaged by civil war. When we had our daughter, we knew that teaching her about both sides of heritage would be important. We want her to know her origins and to learn about the culture that her grandparents are a part of.


As part of the Christmas Around The World series, I decided that we needed to find out more about Christmas is Nicaragua from Isabella’s sweet great-grandma. We spent an afternoon with her in which she prepared and served us traditional Nicaraguan cuisine and told us about Christmas traditions via my husband who acted as a  translator.

Feliz Navidad


Christmas is celebrated on December 24th in Nicaragua instead of the 25th. This is because Nicaragua’s population in predominately catholic and so families do their big Christmas feast before midnight mass that evening.

Being such a religious country, the Nativity plays a big role with the children. Nativity scenes are featured in most homes.

They give each other gifts and also children can expect gifts from “Papa Noel”.


A traditional Christmas dinner includes roasted chicken, gallo pinto (a rice and beans dish), nacatamals (meat tamales) and flan.

We enjoyed learning about Christmas in Nicaragua and hope you did too!

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  1. Beth says

    I had no idea you had a personal connection to Nicaragua – how cool!! Your daughter will be so blessed to have such a rich heritage!! Thanks for sharing with us,
    Beth =-)

  2. says

    Thank you so much for this peek inside Nicaragua’s traditional Christmas. It would be very nice to see the nativity scenes everywhere! You are lucky to have such a sweet relative and be married to the translator.

  3. says

    Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest and I love this post! I’m a native Nicaraguan, raised in Miami and now living in Knoxville. I love that you’re introducing your daughter these traditions! Great post :)

    • Brittany says

      I am so happy you stopped by! My husband grew up for most part in Miami as well. I loved learning more about Nicaraguan tradition. I am already a huge fan of the cuisine!

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