Fun Christmas Art Activity for Babies ~ With Edible Paint!

Just because baby and young toddlers tend to put everything in their mouth, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to have some Christmas activity fun.

My 12 month old is always wanting to get in on her big sister’s activities but many of them are not age-appropriate for her.

I set up this easy Christmas Art Activity with greek yogurt paint for her in her high chair and she loved it! It is nice because she gets to experience finger painting and I don’t need to worry about her eating it and it promotes creativity which is important for development.

Christmas Activity for Babies

For this activity you’ll need:

I just whipped up the greek yogurt paint and put it on her high chair with some Christmas cookie cutters.

Christmas Activity for Babies


What do you think was the first thing that she did? That is right, taste it! Got to love edible (and healthy) paint. I just kept her in a diaper because if I am going to be honest, this is a messy activity! But never fear, just plan it right before it is their bath time and then it is no big deal. 

Christmas Activity for Babies

Next she loved feeling the consistency with her hands

Christmas Activity Babies

She was smitten with this activity and I was so happy that she could get in on some of the fun things I do with her older sister. This is such a fun and easy way for babies and toddlers to paint and enjoy a Christmas activity.

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