{Celebrate the Fun} Silly Holiday Series

I am SUPER excited to announce a new series on my blog: Celebrate the Fun. Each month I will be featuring on my blog an obscure, bizarre, silly, and fun Holiday and what my family did to celebrate.

Fun Family Traditions

I thought this would be a fun way to bring some excitement and whimsy into our lives. It is a way to take ordinary days in our family’s life and spice it up and bring in some magic. I think this is going to be fun for the whole family and provide some great bonding moments.

Will you join me?

January : Opposite Day

Opposite Day

February: Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Fairy wand

March: National Goof Off Day

silly felt face activity

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    • Brittany says

      That is a good one. We plan on doing that as well! An excuse to have waffles or pancakes for dinner? I’m in. :)

  1. Faye...Alphabet Soup Child Care says

    The kids come in their pjs. We have lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.
    We do our afternoon activities in the am and our morning activities in the afternoon.

    When we have Pj Day the kids come in their pajamas and we have breakfast in bed.
    We put out all their mats in the living room and they have donuts, bananas, and milk.
    Donuts are a rare treat. And they get to watch t.v. and eat and drink while they eat.
    Then we read bedtime stories. Usually the mats are spread out in two rooms as they need to be so many inches apart, but for this morning they are close together and the little ones (crib young toddlers) join them. I do this on Friday, wash day for the mat covers that night., as they get abit dirty. The kids love doing this. So this holiday is Pajama Day Holiday.


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