Science Experiments and Activities for Kids

Science experiments for kids

  Little kids are born scientists. From the time they are barely learning to crawl they are putting the scientific method in action. They observe their world and make new discoveries each and every day. When they are babies they taste and touch pretty much everything as a means of learning about their enviorment. As they [...]

{Raising Tots} Ice Sensory Play

Raising Tots Parenting Series

This week we welcome Jaime from Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails (FSPDT) to {Raising Tots} Mom to Mom Parenting Series. She shares a simple and fun sensory activity below. ************************************** My boys love ice play. So I am always trying to come up with new and fun ways for them to play with [...]

{Raising Tots} Little People Bath

Raising Tots

I am thrilled to welcome Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing as this weeks guest poster for {Raising Tots} Mom to Mom Parenting Series. This week she shares a fun activity that any toddler is guranteed to love. Read below for her activity. ******************************** On a recent family trip, we found a stash of Little People [...]