How I Rediscovered Happiness in Motherhood


    I have been absent from this blog for a long time. The truth is there is a lot that I have been absent from in my life. See, I had my second baby 9 months ago and it has really thrown me for a loop and has caused me to question everything I [...]

{Raising Tots} 7 Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

This week we welcome Adele from Playful Learners this week on {Raising Tots}! She is sharing her potty training tips! ******************************************************* Normally the mile stone most parents dread, timing potty training correctly can help lift the stress of this important stage in every child’s life. Time and time again I have seen children being pushed into [...]

{Raising Tots} Stop Toddler Hitting

Welcome back to the {Raising Tots} series! We welcome our first guest poster for the new year Lisa from Confessions of a Montessori Mom. ****************************************** Photo of Lisa Nolan in 1967 My name is Lisa Nolan, and I’m very excited to be a guest blogger for Raising Tots today. I was a preschool teacher for [...]

{Raising Tots} How to Encourage Creative Play

Raising Toddlers- parenting advice

This week on {Raising Tots} we welcome Varya from Little Artists! She shares her tips on encouraging creative play. *************************************** For a growing toddler the world changes literally every hour and every day: there is so much he learns and discovers that it can at times be overwhelming and constant mood swings can put some [...]

{Raising Tots} 5 Ideas for a Toddler Friendly Christmas

Toddler Friendly Christmas

Just in time to usher in the Christmas season we Welcome Rebekah from The Golden Gleam as our guest this week on {Raising Tots}. With all the hustle and bustle this time of year, she shares 5 ideas to keep Christmas toddler friendly. ***************************************** Christmas can be a joy with a toddler in the home. [...]

{Raising Tots} How to Win the Battle of the Whining Toddler

Raising Toddlers Whining

This week on {Raising Tots} I have the honor of welcoming Kylie from Octavia and Vicky. I think being a parent to a toddler, we are all familiar with whining. Below, Kylie shares her awesome tips for eliminating whining in toddlers. ****************************************** Just recently our toddler’s mood seems to be set on ‘Default = Whine’. To be [...]

{Raising Tots} Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Homeschool

Why You Shouldnt be Afraid to Homeschool

This week we welcome Crystal from The Freckled Homeschooler to {Raising Tots} Mom to Mom Parenting Series. She shares her experiences with homeschooling and how to overcome fear about homeschooling. **************************************************** Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Homeschool Over the last few years I have encountered many people who said that they wanted to homeschool [...]

{Raising Tots} Toddler Advice

Toddler Tips and Tricks and Activities

This week we welcome Krissy from B-Inspired Mama to {Raising Tots}. Through her From the Mouth of Moms series, she brings us many great resources for all things raising tots. Read below to see all her great articles. *******************************   From the Mouths of Moms With three kids, ages 5, 3, and one nearly a [...]

{Raising Tots} Colored Pasta Necklaces

Raising TOddlers activities

I am excited to welcome Tricia from 2 Big 2 Little to this week’s {Raising Tots}. She shares with us a fun art project that any toddler is guaranteed to enjoy! Read on for her activity. ********************************************** Coloured Pasta Necklaces About a year or so ago, I made Sammie some coloured pasta to use for [...]

{Raising Tots} 10 Creative Ways to Get Your Picky Toddler to Eat

Raising Toddlers

This is week we are excited to welcome Mari from Inspired By Family Magazine as this weeks guest for {Raising Tots} Mom to Mom Parenting Series. She is sharing 10 creative ways to get your picky toddler to eat. Read below for her great tips. ***************************************   How fun that I get to meet all [...]

{Raising Tots} 5 Things You Need To Know About Your Child’s Speech and Language Development


I want to welcome Katie from Playing With Words 365 as this weeks guest poster for the {Raising Tots} Mom to Mom Parenting Series. Katie, a pediatric speech-language pathologist, shares 5 things that you need to know about your toddler’s speech and language development. Read below for her great insight. ********************************* As a pediatric speech-language [...]

{Raising Tots} Fall Pretend Play

eye like nature

I am excited to welcome Leslie from Cute and Peculiar as this weeks guest poster for {Raising Tots} Mom to Mom Parenting series. She shares how her and her kids got into the fall spirit. Read on for her fall leaves game. ************************** With fall just around the corner, I was excited to start basic [...]