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Seasons of Motherhood

Seasons of Motherhood

What season of motherhood are you in? The concept of ‘seasons’ in relation to motherhood was not something I was familiar with until recently. I was going through a tough time in my mothering journey after the birth of my second child and I decided to go on a journey to Rediscover Happiness in Motherhood. In […]

12 Empowering Books for Girls

Books for strong girls

As a mother of 2 girls, it is very important to me that they are surrounded of positive examples of strong, smart, and independent girls and women. Since we absolutely love reading, I am always on the lookout for books that show these positive depictions. While I think these types of books are great for […]

7 Tips to Transition Toddlers from Nap time to Quiet Time

Tips for transition from nap time to quiet time toddlers

So your toddler stopped napping? Maybe you are pregnant,  maybe you have a newborn, or maybe you just need a break in your day in order not to go crazy. Hey, I get it. Everyone needs some silence in their day and break from the chaos that is raising young kids. Losing that nap can feel […]

Supermom! Fact or Fiction?


The word Supermom is thrown around a lot in our culture. It is something many feel like they need to aspire to be; Supermom does everything and does it perfectly.   You know the one, the one who cooks organic home cooked meals, has nicely dressed and well behaved children, who does amazing activities with their […]

6 Simple Tips for Decluttering With Your Kids

decluttering with kids

It is the start of a new year and with a it comes so many possibilities- to get more organized,  to live a less cluttered life. There are many benefits of minimalistic living for kids as well as adults. Knowing where items go and not being overrun by things will make you less stressed and allow you […]

Best Parenting Tips of 2014

Parenting Tips

How was 2014 for in terms of parenting? 2014 brought some highs and lows on my parenting journey. I battled though sleep deprivation and toddler tantrums. But on the other hand, I also successfully potty trained my oldest and saw her great emotionally maturity. Finding happiness in motherhood was my number one goal of the year and […]

Why You Should Ditch Common New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution happier mom

  Do you want a New Years Resolution that will make you a happier mom? This year don’t make a resolution to lose more weight or to go to the gym more. Don’t even resolve to be a better mom or to be more organized. Because I have learned a valuable lesson this past year and […]

Teaching Kids Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving tradition for kids to learn gratitude

  Today is my day to share for the 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge hosted by Inspired by Family Magazine. I think that sometimes Thanksgiving and the meaning of Thanksgiving gets brushed over with the Christmas bustle getting started earlier and earlier each year. While I love Christmas and the whole Christmas season, I think […]

Are you a Distracted Parent?


  Do you ever feel like you have a million things all demanding your attention at once? Do you ever feel distracted by things that don’t really matter? You are not alone.  We are mothering in a time when there are so many demands on our time. We are expected to do it all and […]

10 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas Season

Stress free christmas tips

I think we all want a stress free Christmas season but don’t always know how to make it stress free. I am a list maker. Having a list in-hand helps cut down on my stress in any given situation. Even if you are not a natural planner or list maker like me, having a general […]


36 - Lime Green square redo BIG

 Why is creativity important? Is this a question you have asked yourself? Creativity should not be underestimated. Creativity in children is so important. Creativity helps teach cognitive skills such as mathematics and scientific thinking. Creative thinking involves imagination, basic use of the scientific method, communication, physical dexterity and exertion, problem posing, problem solving, making interpretations, and […]

5 Tips for Teaching Children Gratitude

teaching gratitude to kids

No one wants to raise an ungrateful child. I know personally teaching my children to live grateful lives is very high on my priority list. So since day one, I have been toying with different ideas to help to teach my kids to be grateful. They are still very young and many of the concepts they […]

10 Easy Toddler Activities (that take little to no set up)


Young toddlers can sometimes be the hardest to entertain. Which is why I am always trying to find easy activities for toddlers.They have short attention spans and are not quite able to keep themselves busy most of the time. This can cause a problem when we are cooking dinner or needing to get something else […]

Potty Training Tips: What to do and what NOT to do

Potty training tips

Potty training has been the bain of my parenting existence. There is not anything that can compare as a parent thus far to the level of frustration that potty training my oldest has been. The most frustrating part is you think you are cruising and your child is successfully potty trained and then you will […]