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Spring Bucket List With Free Printable

Spring bucket list for families

We love making bucket lists as a way of organizing the most important things that we would like to as a family in a given season. We have done one for summer, fall, and Christmas. Here is our Spring bucket list! Here

Spring Bucket List With Free Printable

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Sensory Activity with Edible Dirt

dinosaur excavation

I am so excited to share with you our last activity as part of Dinosaur Week on Love, Play, Learn. It had been fun, I hope you have enjoyed it. This is my favorite one so far and it was my daughter’s favorite thing we have ever done. She was so excited about it and played with it forever! In preparation for this

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Sensory Activity with Edible Dirt Read More >>


We just got home from a family vacation in Yellowstone National Park. We were quite worried about how our 15 month old was going to do during the 6 hour car ride there; luckily, for the most part, it went smoothly. I packed a road trip survival box which features all kinds of toys, books, snacks, and I also included the Discovery Bottles we made last month. The Yellowstone Read More >>

Family Chalk

A fun way to get the whole family outdoors together and having fun is to have a sidewalk chalk contest.

For this activity you will need: -Sidewalk chalk (you could also use homemade chalk paint)

This activity:

-Builds fine motor skills -Builds creativity -Promotes family bonding

Let each member of the family have

Family Chalk

Beat the Heat with Water Balloon Towel Toss

towel toss

Water Ballloon Towel Toss Outdoor Game

This is a simple outdoor game that is great for the whole family. For this activity I enlisted the help of my nieces and nephews at our 4th of July BBQ.

For this activity you need -Beach towels -Water ballons

Fill up water balloons

Beat the Heat with Water Balloon Towel Toss Read More >>

Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint recipe

Chalk can be all kinds of fun for children but what about chalk paint? Never heard of it? I hadn’t heard either of it till I ran across it on Pinterest and book marked it for future use. We tried it out this weekend and it really was a lot of fun. It was definitely messy but easy to wash

Chalk Paint


What better a way for babies and toddlers to learn about their world and the creatures that live in it then going to the aquarium or zoo. One might think their baby is too young enjoy it but in their first year it is so important for them to have the opportunity to have as many experiences as possible.

We took Isabella to the Aquarium when she was 9 months old. She loved watching the fish move in the

Outings

Sand Play

Playing outdoors is so much fun for children (and adults) and provides so many learning opportunities as well. With it being summer there really is no better time to get out and enjoy the outdoors with your children. One of the best types of play for children is sand play. It offers a rich sensory experience with so many opportunities to learn. So head to a sandbox, sand table, or the beach and get playing!

Sand play

improves fine

Sand Play