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Halloween Sensory Bin Activity

I am a big fan of sensory bins and I especially love them for holidays! Last year we did a fun Witch’s Sensory Brew and this year we did this orange rice and black bean Halloween themed sensory bin. Sensory bins are so fun for toddlers and preschoolers and they provide so many great developmental benefits as well.

Halloween Sensory Bin

For this Sensory Bin you’ll

Halloween Sensory Bin Activity

Toddler Art Name Activity

Art Name Activity for Kids

Learning to recognize their own name and the letters that it contains is one of the first steps towards literacy. For young toddlers the key is to introduce and get them familiar with seeing the letters of their name. Here is a simple and fun art name activity for kids.

For this activity you’ll need:

Paper Paint Alphabet dough cutters or cookie

Toddler Art Name Activity

Easter Egg Chocolate Play Dough Activity

This is a fun Easter egg activity using chocolate scented play dough.

For this activity you’ll need:

Chocolate play dough Pom poms Pipe cleaners Beads Plastic Easter Egg (Optional)

This Activity:

develops fine motor skills builds creativity Great for hand-eye coordination teaches Easter concepts great sensory experience

First she put it inside the plastic egg to make an egg shape.

Easter Egg Chocolate Play Dough Activity

Sensory Bin 101

Why are sensory bins important?

sensory bin 101

Young children learn about their world by exploring and experimenting using their senses. By observing a young toddler exploring their environment you will see this in action. They look at, touch, smell, and taste just about anything they come in contact with- this is how they learn. When their senses are stimulated, messages are sent to their brain which builds

Sensory Bin 101

Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Sensory Activity with Edible Dirt

dinosaur excavation

I am so excited to share with you our last activity as part of Dinosaur Week on Love, Play, Learn. It had been fun, I hope you have enjoyed it. This is my favorite one so far and it was my daughter’s favorite thing we have ever done. She was so excited about it and played with it forever! In preparation for this activity we made Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Sensory Activity with Edible Dirt Read More >>

Kiddy Platter Review

I am very excited to share with you an awesome product that Smarty Parents sent me to try out. I didn’t really know what to expect but I have been so impressed! The Kiddy Platter is a versatile place mat and activity mat. I thought I would share some ways we have been using our Kiddy Platter.

The first way we used it is as a place mat during meal time. Any mom with a

Kiddy Platter Review

Christmas Sensory Bin

Christmas Sensory Bin for Children

Christmas Sensory Bin for Children

We LOVE sensory bins. L.O.V.E. Here is a simple and fun Christmas themed sensory bin. Most of the items needed are probably things you already have on hand.

For this activity you’ll need:

Container ( I use a large plastic container purchased at Target) Green rice (for how to color rice go HERE) Various Christmas related items.

Christmas Sensory Bin

{Halloween Craft} Mommy and Me Handprint spiders

Halloween handprint spiders

Halloween craft handprint spiders

This is is such a fun and simple Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers. All that is required is their creepy crawly hands and some paint and they are ready to make this creepy crawly craft! Mom can get in on the fun too and you are left with a fun collaborative Halloween art project.

For this activity you will need:

{Halloween Craft} Mommy and Me Handprint spiders

{Halloween Activity} Witch’s Sensory Brew

PicMonkey Collage

Halloween Witch's Sensory Bin

Double, Double Toil and trouble. This is a fun spaghetti sensory bin tailored for Halloween. Dye the pasta a creepy green and purple color and add some creepy crawlies and you have a perfect spooky Halloween sensory bin! We decided to make this a witch’s sensory brew!

For this SPELL you’ll need:

Brains and Worms (Spaghetti dyed purple and green) Ground

{Halloween Activity} Witch’s Sensory Brew

{Raising Tots} Top Ten Tips for Painting with Your Toddler

Raising Tots Parenting Series

I am so thrilled to have Leanna of All Done Monkey! be the first guest poster on {Raising Tots} Mom to Mom Parenting Series here at Love, Play, Learn. Leanna knows that the mess that comes with toddler painting can make some moms want to run for the hills. Read below for her tips on how to

{Raising Tots} Top Ten Tips for Painting with Your Toddler Read More >>