{Halloween Activity}10 Little Pumpkins Felt Story Board

10 little pumpkins felt story

  To put our new DIY flannel board to good use, we decided to get in the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin song and pumpkin felt story board. I thought we could use our felt board to practice counting and explore the concept of size. This is a fun fall toddler and preschooler activity! For this [...]

Halloween Math Activity: Patterns

Halloween Math Activity for Kids

This is an easy Halloween Activity that is great for teaching preschoolers the pre-math skill- patterns. Learning patterns is the basis for more complicated math like addition and times tables. For this activity you’ll need: Halloween foam cutouts ( I got mine at the dollar store) I set all of the on the table and [...]

Shape Art Activity for Kids

Shape art project

This is a simple art project for kids that helps children learn about shapes. For this project you’ll need: Paper Paint Sponge shapes (I bought mine at the dollar store but you could also make your own out of foam or sponge) This activity: Builds fine motor skills Teaches shapes Teaches colors Builds creativity We [...]

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

We took all our items from our Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt and made this fun Valentine’s Day Sensory bin. For This You’ll need:  Plastic Container Rice Shredded red paper Valentine’s Day items I used a box, heart shaped bracelets, heart shapes, and a balloon. This activity helps: Promote learning through all 5 senses Build fine motor [...]

Christmas Candy Activity for Kids

Snowman Chocolate chip Gingerbread M&M's christmas counting

I bought these gingerbread men and snowman foam shapes from the dollar store.I have been trying to think of the many different way you can use these foam shapes to try and stretch the dollar. I will be bringing you several activities involving these foam shapes, so make sure to check back this month. The first [...]

{Fun Fall Activity} Size and Texture Concepts with Gourds

Halloween learning activity

I had bought a package of “decorative gourds” at walmart for a few bucks that I was planning on using for a Halloween Sensory Bin that I was doing for as a contributor for Kiwi Crate’s Recipes for fun. After we were done with that activity, I was wondering what other fall activities we could [...]