Large Motor Skill Activities for Kids

Fun Activities to get kids moving!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for kids

What is more fun for a kid then going on a hunt to find “treasures”? This is a super fun scavenger hunt tailored for Valentine’s day. It is great because it serves as a fun activity but you can also use the items you hide as your child’s Valentine’s Day gift and/or items for a […]

Christmas Activity for Kids- Memory Match Game

DIY Memory Matching Game Christmas

This is a super FAST and EASY DIY memory game! Use your left over foam Christmas shapes that we used in the Christmas Candy Counting and the Stocking and Tree Decorating. For this game you will need: 2¬†pairs of each foam shape set. I used the trees, stocking, gingerbread, and snowman. Construction paper or another […]

Indoor Obstacle Course

Indoor Obstacle Course

I think we’ve all¬† had those days when we’re stuck inside for whatever reason (weather, illness, etc) and the day seems like it might never end. Here is a simple and easy indoor obstacle course activity that’s sure to give your child some much needed entertainment which will help maintain their sanity and yours! This […]