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Halloween Sensory Bin Activity

I am a big fan of sensory bins and I especially love them for holidays! Last year we did a fun Witch’s Sensory Brew and this year we did this orange rice and black bean Halloween themed sensory bin. Sensory bins are so fun for toddlers and preschoolers and they provide so many great developmental benefits as well.

Halloween Sensory Bin

For this Sensory Bin you’ll

Halloween Sensory Bin Activity

{Halloween Activity} Foot print Ghosts

Foot Print Ghosts

Foot Print Ghosts

We made hand print spiders yesterday, so it only seemed fitting to make foot print ghost this week! This is a simple and spooky craft that is easy to make even for the youngest toddler.

For this activity you will need:

Black construction paper White paint Googly eyes Black glitter foam paper


{Halloween Activity} Foot print Ghosts

{Halloween Craft} Mommy and Me Handprint spiders

Halloween handprint spiders

Halloween craft handprint spiders

This is is such a fun and simple Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers. All that is required is their creepy crawly hands and some paint and they are ready to make this creepy crawly craft! Mom can get in on the fun too and you are left with a fun collaborative Halloween art project.

For this activity you will need:

{Halloween Craft} Mommy and Me Handprint spiders

Gourd Monsters (Paint Review)

Halloween and fall art craft for kids

This is a fun and cute activity that your kid will be sure to love. It will be something they will enjoy making and love to keep as a keepsake. These fun little monsters are perfect for Halloween or any time of the year! Pet rock, chia pet, invisible friend? Who needs ‘em? Now, your child can have

Gourd Monsters (Paint Review)

{Halloween Activity} Witch’s Sensory Brew

PicMonkey Collage

Halloween Witch's Sensory Bin

Double, Double Toil and trouble. This is a fun spaghetti sensory bin tailored for Halloween. Dye the pasta a creepy green and purple color and add some creepy crawlies and you have a perfect spooky Halloween sensory bin! We decided to make this a witch’s sensory brew!

For this SPELL you’ll need:

Brains and Worms (Spaghetti dyed purple and green) Ground

{Halloween Activity} Witch’s Sensory Brew

{Halloween Activity}10 Little Pumpkins Felt Story Board

10 little pumpkins felt story


10 little pumpkins felt story

To put our new DIY flannel board to good use, we decided to get in the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin song and pumpkin felt story board. I thought we could use our felt board to practice counting and explore the concept of size. This is a fun fall toddler and preschooler activity!

For this activity

{Halloween Activity}10 Little Pumpkins Felt Story Board