Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft for Kids

Winter is here! This is an easy and fun snowman craft for toddlers and preschoolers. For this craft you’ll need: paper glue cotton balls foam paper or googly eyes glitter sticker paper or construction paper scissors craft sticks orange paint First I drew 3 large circles on a large paper and we added glue to [...]

Once There was a Snowman Felt Storyboard and Song

Snowman Felt Story Board

Once There was a Snowman is my daughter favorite song to sing and act out right now. I thought is would be fun to use our DIY Flannel Board and make some fun snowmen to act out the song. I am joining with several other bloggers to bring you a winter blog hop. At the [...]

Christmas Tradition: Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house

We started a new tradition this Christmas; Decorating gingerbread houses. Decorating a gingerbread house with a toddler is a little bit different experience than I remember. Something I have learned since becoming a parent is to just go along for the ride and don’t take anything too seriously. In this case, I let go of [...]

Christmas Tree Traditions

Christmas Tree Tradition

    I know that artificial trees have many conveniences but I trade them in because, for me, there is nothing like bundling up in warm clothing and heading to the Christmas tree lot while listening to Christmas music and picking out your tree. After we pick out our tree we tie it to the [...]

Christmas Tree Activity for Toddlers

Toddler Christmas Tree

This simple idea came to me as we were playing with our Christmas Sensory Bin. Why not take this Christmas tree that I found at the dollar store and use gift bows to decorate. This is perfect for young toddlers! For this activity you’ll need: A small standing Christmas Tree. We found ours at the [...]

Christmas Sensory Bin Activity for Kids

Christmas Sensory Bin for Children

We LOVE sensory bins. L.O.V.E. Here is a simple and fun Christmas themed sensory bin. Most of the items needed are probably things you already have on hand. For this activity you’ll need: Container ( I use a large plastic container purchased at Target) Green rice (for how to color rice go HERE) Various Christmas [...]

Christmas Activity for Kids- Memory Match Game

DIY Memory Matching Game Christmas

This is a super FAST and EASY DIY memory game! Use your left over foam Christmas shapes that we used in the Christmas Candy Counting and the Stocking and Tree Decorating. For this game you will need: 2 pairs of each foam shape set. I used the trees, stocking, gingerbread, and snowman. Construction paper or another [...]

How to Teach Toddlers the True Meaning of Christmas

Toddler NAtivity

Several fellow bloggers and myself have collaborated to bring you Focus on the Natvitiy a collaborative blog hop. The lights, the goodies, the gifts, and the parties: Christmas time is a fun and magical time for all. Before we had children my husband and I discussed how we wanted to celebrate religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas. [...]

Peppermint Scented Candy Cane Playdough

Peppermint Scented Candy Cane Playdough

This fun festive playdough is perfect for Christmas! It can be used to make all kinds of Christmas shapes and it smells like we are in peppermint heaven. Since we already have that wonderful peppermint scent, we used our playdough to make candy canes! For this activity first make your playdough. Here is the peppermint scented playdough [...]

{Raising Tots} 5 Ideas for a Toddler Friendly Christmas

Toddler Friendly Christmas

  Just in time to usher in the Christmas season we Welcome Rebekah from The Golden Gleam as our guest this week on {Raising Tots}. With all the hustle and bustle this time of year, she shares 5 ideas to keep Christmas toddler friendly. ***************************************** Christmas can be a joy with a toddler in the [...]

Magic Reindeer food with FREE Poem Printable

Magic Reindeer Food

This is a tradition that my mom has been doing with us for many years. I was so excited to be able to carry on this fun tradition with my own kids. I love that children believe in magic and I want to bring as much “magic” into my children’s lives as possible. To make Reindeer Food [...]

Christmas Craft for Toddlers- Stocking and Tree

Christmas foam Stocking and tree craft

I ran across some Christmas foam shapes and stickers at the dollar store. I got a variety of them and plan on utilizing them in several other activities during the Christmas season. Be sure to check out our Christmas Candy Gingerbead and Snowman Counting and check back next week for more activities using these shapes! For this [...]