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Salt Dough Recipe

salt dough recipe

This is a super easy salt dough recipe. Salt dough is great for making ornaments, handprint or footprint keepsakes, figurines, jewelry, dinosaur fossils, and much more.


1 cup salt 2 cups all purpose flour 1 cup luke warm water food coloring (optional)


Combine your flour and salt

Salt dough recipe

Add your water and

Salt Dough Recipe

Opposite Day {Celebrate the Fun}

Opposite Day

The first Holiday we are celebrating as part of our {Celebrate the Fun} series is Opposite Day! The nice thing about this holiday, and the other holidays that I will be sharing as a part of this series, is it doesn’t matter if you celebrate on the “official” day. You can celebrate Opposite Day whenever you want to bring a little fun into your

Opposite Day {Celebrate the Fun}

ABC’s of Learning Through Play A-E

ABC's of Learning Through Play

A is Art:

When children make art they are doing much more then just exploring their creativity. By engaging in art activities, they work to develop communication skills- children can express themselves and their emotions through artwork. Along with communication skills, art helps children with their social and emotional skills. Children are allowed to explore and experiment with their feelings in a safe

ABC’s of Learning Through Play A-E

Holiday Photo Memories

recording memories of the holidays

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.” -Unknown

recording memories of the holidays

This was my daughter’s 2nd Thanksgiving and it is amazing how much difference a year makes. As I was pondering how fast the holidays past, I really wanted a way to record and capture some of the memories. I thought that this was an easy and cute way

Holiday Photo Memories

Salt Dough Footprint Christmas Ornament

This is a a cute DIY Christmas ornament made out of salt dough. These are so easy to make and they would make a great homemade Christmas gift! Head over to The Studio and check out how to make it HERE.Salt Dough Footprint Ornament for kids

{Halloween Activity}10 Little Pumpkins Felt Story Board

10 little pumpkins felt story


10 little pumpkins felt story

To put our new DIY flannel board to good use, we decided to get in the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin song and pumpkin felt story board. I thought we could use our felt board to practice counting and explore the concept of size. This is a fun fall toddler and preschooler activity!

For this activity

{Halloween Activity}10 Little Pumpkins Felt Story Board

Patriotic Painting with Greek Yogurt Paint

4th of July arts and crafts with toddlers

I wasn’t going to do this project because my poor baby has been so sick the last few days. I am glad I decided to go through with it though because it was the first time in several days that she seemed happy.

I wanted to do an art and craft with Isabella for the 4th of the

Patriotic Painting with Greek Yogurt Paint

Edible finger paint

Finger painting is a great way for babies and toddlers to practice their creativity while having a blast. Since they have a tendency to put everything in their mouth, edible and non toxic paint is a must!

There are several ways to do this. When Isabella was about 9 months old I put some pureed sweet potato on her tray and let her go at it. She loved it but it was a TOTAL mess for me. Edible finger paint Read More >>