Beach Pirate Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Ideas for kids

Ahoy Matey! Summer be endin soon but me be wantin to get in some last minute beach fun. We were heading out to the beach for a family trip and I was thinking what would be fun for the little ones on the beach when they need a break from the water. What kid doesn’t like pirates, treasure, and a hunt? This pirate treasure hunt idea is perfect for kids of all ages but is especially a big hit with the preschool age group.

What you need:

  • A container for the treasure ( you can use an actual treasure chest but if you can’t find one any container decorated with some pirate stickers works just fine).
  • Loot- Fun little toys from the dollar store, candy, gold coins, pirate party favors.

Here is my treasure chest. I could not find a real one and so I decorated a normal plastic bin with some pirate stickers bought at the dollar store. The kids did not mind at all!

Pirate Treasure Hunt Beach

We had multiple kids in our group and so I had plenty of toys for each kid and then a pirate sack that they each could use to gather their treasure.

Treasure Hunt for Kids

We buried the treasure and then put some sticks on top in a “X” so that the kids could find it. You could get more creative and create a map but we just gave them the clue that the “X” marks the spot and let them go at it.

Treasure Hunt Ideas for Kids

They found it!

Treasure Hunt Ideas for Kids


Treasure Hunt for Kids

My toddler really enjoyed it!

Treasure Hunt for kids

Her loot




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