6 Tips for the Perfect Family Movie Night

family movie night tips

*Thank you Pop Secret for sponsoring this post* Spending quality time as a family can sometimes be difficult with the busy lives and schedules most of us have. However, taking the time to have quality time with your family is so important and vital for quality relationships. I thought I would share with you our #1 most […]

Top 10 Valentine Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

I love Valentine’s Day, it is so much fun for parents and kids. I love doing fun Valentine’s Crafts and Activities with my kids and I am always looking for new and fun ways to play and learn. I thought I would share with some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Activities. 1o FUN Valentine’s Day Activities for […]

Dinosaur Activities and Crafts for Kids

dinosaur activities, crafts for kids

Do you have a dinosaur lover? I think every kid goes through a dinosaur phase. My kids are obsessed. They love dinosaur shows, dinosaur books, and dinosaur activities. Here are some fun activities, crafts, and books for your dinosaur lover.   DINOSAUR ACTIVITIES AND CRAFTS 1.Dinosaur Fossils 2. Dinosaur Fossil Sensory Excavation with Edible Dirt 3.Dinosaur […]

Love Potion Science Experiment for Kids

Science Experiment Kids Love Potion

We are obsessed with science experiments here in our house. Especially the fizzy and explosion kind! We thought it would super fun to make a love potion explosion. This is such a fun and educational science activity great for Valentine’s day but is equally fun anytime of the year. It was a huge hit!   […]

Seasons of Motherhood

Seasons of Motherhood

What season of motherhood are you in? The concept of ‘seasons’ in relation to motherhood was not something I was familiar with until recently. I was going through a tough time in my mothering journey after the birth of my second child and I decided to go on a journey to Rediscover Happiness in Motherhood. In […]

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

We absolutely love sensory play. It is fun, educational, and relaxing! I’m so excited to be taking part in the 31 Days of Sensory Play with Adventures of Adam! We took all our items from our Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt and made this fun Valentine’s Day Sensory bin.   For This You’ll need:  Plastic Container Kool Aid […]

Top 10 Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

  Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to do crafts with my kids. They are oh so pretty and super fun to do. However, a lot of the Valentine’s Crafts out there are not very toddler and preschooler friendly. I thought I would compile a list of the best Valentine crafts for toddlers and share […]

Tissue Paper Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers

Valentine's Day Heart craft for toddlers

This is a fun and easy  Valentine’s Day Heart Craft that even the youngest toddler could do. An added bonus? It is a great craft for building fine motor skills. It makes a great Valentines gift for daddy or another special someone in your little one’s life.   For this project you’ll need: Construction paper Red or […]

Sensory Bin 101

sensory bin 101

I am sure you have seen sensory bin and sensory play ideas floating around on Pinterest. If you don’t come from an early childhood education background, you may be wondering “what the heck is a sensory bin?”. Sensory bins are so much fun and so educational and I am here to show you the why, […]

12 Empowering Books for Girls

Books for strong girls

As a mother of 2 girls, it is very important to me that they are surrounded of positive examples of strong, smart, and independent girls and women. Since we absolutely love reading, I am always on the lookout for books that show these positive depictions. While I think these types of books are great for […]

Once There was a Snowman Song and Activity

Snowman Felt Story Board

What do you think of when you think of winter? I think of snow and snowmen. You don’t have to go outside to build snowmen. Once There was a Snowman is such a fun song for toddlers and preschoolers, it is my daughter’s favorite. I thought it would be fun to use our DIY Flannel Board […]

7 Tips to Transition Toddlers from Nap time to Quiet Time

Tips for transition from nap time to quiet time toddlers

So your toddler stopped napping? Maybe you are pregnant,  maybe you have a newborn, or maybe you just need a break in your day in order not to go crazy. Hey, I get it. Everyone needs some silence in their day and break from the chaos that is raising young kids. Losing that nap can feel […]

Supermom! Fact or Fiction?


The word Supermom is thrown around a lot in our culture. It is something many feel like they need to aspire to be; Supermom does everything and does it perfectly.   You know the one, the one who cooks organic home cooked meals, has nicely dressed and well behaved children, who does amazing activities with their […]

6 Simple Tips for Decluttering With Your Kids

decluttering with kids

It is the start of a new year and with a it comes so many possibilities- to get more organized,  to live a less cluttered life. There are many benefits of minimalistic living for kids as well as adults. Knowing where items go and not being overrun by things will make you less stressed and allow you […]