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This week we welcome Krissy from B-Inspired Mama to {Raising Tots}. Through her From the Mouth of Moms series, she brings us many great resources for all things raising tots. Read below to see all her great articles.



From the Mouths of Moms

With three kids, ages 5, 3, and one nearly a year and learning to walk, I KNOW toddlers. I know the fights to get veggies in, the bumped and bruised heads, the screaming in the middle of the grocery store, and all of the other challenges of parenting a little human who is still learning, developing, and toddling. But what I can’t claim to know is all of the answers. One thing I’ve learned from all of the great mamas I’ve met through B-Inspired Mama is that every mom and child is different. There are no universal answers when it comes to parenting, especially parenting toddlers. But we can still learn from one another as mothers. So I gathered up a group of over 50 creative mamas and created “From the Mouths of Moms,” a series featuring their advice, in their own words, on different parenting challenges. Check out the following articles with great advice for parenting toddlers “From the Mouths of Moms.”


Parenting Tips & Tricks "From the Mouths of Moms" at B-InspiredMama.com

Parenting Toddlers “From the Mouths of Moms”

24 Tips to Teach Kids to Clean Up

15 Tips for Keep Kids Safe While on The Go

12 Tips for Dealing with an Overly Emotional Child

13 Tips for Taming Toddler Aggression

10 Tips for Teaching Kids About Good Touch Bad Touch

17 Tips to Encourage Sibling Bonding

20 Tips for How to Potty Train

25 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

What are your best tips for parenting a toddler? Head on over to one of the above articles to join the discussion and add your perspective. And if you’re a creative mama blogger, contact me to join the group of moms for “From the Mouths of Moms.”


Thanks Again to Krissy from B-Inspired Mama for sharing with us here at {Raising Tots}. Follow her on her blog and on Facebook for many more great ideas. Make sure to head over to the {Raising Tots} Page for more tips, tricks, and activities!

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