{Raising Tots} 7 Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

This week we welcome Adele from Playful Learners this week on {Raising Tots}! She is sharing her potty training tips!


Normally the mile stone most parents dread, timing potty training correctly can help
lift the stress of this important stage in every child’s life. Time and time
again I have seen children being pushed into potty training by their parent
before they are ready. There are of course instances where children may be
ready to potty train even before they are too and these children may get
through the process with ease however most children will start around two and a
It is important to note that starting a child too early may result in them getting
distressed at entering the bathroom or being sat on the potty. Some children
have even been known to hold it in which of course can lead to constipation and
fevers. If you are unsure whether your child is ready for potty training speak
to your health visitor.
Here are 5 simple signs that your child may be ready.
  • Your child tells you when their nappy is wet and wants it to be taken off.
  • Your child wants to sit and try using the potty.
  • They are able to follow instructions such as, ‘do you need the potty?
  •  Your child is able to stay dry for two hours or more.
  • Your child is aware when they are doing something or about to do something.
Another point which I would put to parents before they try their little ones on potty
training is to avoid pull ups. These feel to children exactly the same as a
nappy and therefore most children will use them in this way. The best way I
have found to manage this is to put them in to knickers or pants and don’t turn
back, using nappies or pull up can just cause more confusion.

Potty training is a huge milestone in every child’s life. After spending the first
two years of their life in nappies we are asking them to take their nappy off,
pay attention to what goes on down there and get it in the potty/ toilet before
it comes out. So why as parents do we expect this to be such an easy
transition? It is very unlikely and the more prepared we are for this change
the easier it will be.

Here are a few tips to try and make it all go smoother.

1.Place a disposable bed sheet on their
stroller before they sit down. You may still have to change their clothes if
they have an accident but at least you won’t have a wet stroller.

2.Give them lots of praise for their
achievements such as using a reward chart.

3.Try to start potty training at a time
when you don’t need to leave the house for school runs or nursery trips.

4.Buy lots of cheap knickers or pants
that way it doesn’t matter if they are soiled they can just be thrown away.

5.Potty training in the summer means
they can around the house with little on making it easier to get on the potty
in time.

6.Children are likely to need the
toilet after eating so try to get them to sit down at this point.

7.Expect lots of accidents in their
first couple of weeks and don’t give up going back into nappies can just

Raising Tots
A big thanks to Adele from Playful Learners for these great tips! Be sure to check out her blog and you can also find her on Facebook. For more tips, tricks, and activities on raising toddlers be sure to head to the {Raising Tots} page!
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  1. says

    We are about to go on the potty training adventure. My oldest is taking his nappy off and when he wants to go, then he runs outside! We have chickens and I think its because they just go there and then. So I’m off to buy some chocolate to melt down into little drops for rewards for using the actual toilet. He has no interest in charts.

    • Brittany says

      Haha Nicholette! I think it is very important for picking a positive reinforcement system that is tailored to your child’s interests. We are potty training our daughter and it is definitely an adventure! I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Tony Stark says

    Nice post, thanks for sharing these tips. Proper potty training is necessary for toddlers nowadays, so that our kids will use toilet product without any hesitation.


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