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Christmas Tree Traditions

Christmas Tree Tradition

For a few years during my childhood, my parents would take a us to a Christmas tree lot and we would pick out our very own Christmas tree. I remember feeling that there was something magical about picking out your own tree. I knew that when I started a family I wanted to do the same.

I know that artificial trees have many conveniences but I trade them in because, for me, there is nothing like bundling up in warm clothing and heading to the Christmas tree lot while listening to Christmas music and picking out your tree.

After we pick out our tree we tie it to the roof of our car which is always quite the experience. Our first time doing it went something like this…

Family Christmas TraditionsOh wait, how do we get back in the car now? We both got back in the car by crawling through the window. It makes for a hilarious memory and of course we have since learned a much better way to tie it to the roof!

This year the lot we went to had Santa and a few Reindeer! Christmas Tree TraditionChristmas Tree Tradition

Once we get back home, we turn on some Christmas music and I put some cookies in the oven. Then we get to decorating and it is a whole family affair. We start with the lights which is my very least favorite taskChristmas Tree TraditionOnce the lights are all up, we then move on to the decorations. This year we are keeping the bottom pretty bare because of our 20 month old.

Christmas Tree TraditionChristmas Tree Tradition

Once the tree is perfect. We all cuddle up on the couch in the dark, with nothing but the Christmas tree lights on, and watch a Christmas movie, while enjoying our cookies.

Christmas Tree Tradition

We have done this every year since we have been married and it is always something that has had special memories for me. I am so happy to continue this tradition once having a child and I know the memories that we will have with her through the years will be priceless.

For more Christmas time traditions you may want to check out Writing Your Child a Letter and Magic Reindeer Food.

What are your family’s Christmas tree traditions?

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