{Christmas Craft} Foam Stocking and Tree

Christmas foam Stocking and tree craft

I ran across some Christmas foam shapes and stickers at the dollar store. I got a variety of them and plan on utilizing them in several other activities during the Christmas season. Be sure to check out our Christmas Candy Gingerbead and Snowman Counting and check back next week for more activities using these shapes! For this Christmas craft, we use the Christmas foam stickers to decorate our very own Christmas Stocking and Christmas Tree!

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Stocking and tree foam shapes (I got mine at the dollar store but I believe you could find them at most craft stores)
  • Stickers (we used foam Christmas shaped stickers, also found at the dollar store)

This activity:

  • Promotes creativity
  • Builds fine motor skills

First I took the backing off the stickers for easy access.

Then I let Isabella decorate her tree.

Christmas tree craftChristmas Tree CraftFoam Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Then we moved on to decorating the stocking. I helped her use alphabet stickers to spell her name. For older kids let them spell their own name.

Foam Christmas Stocking CraftChristmas Craft for kids

There you have it! A fun Christmas Stocking and Tree craft. Let your kids decorate their rooms with their new decorations for extra fun!

Head over to my Christmas Activities page for more ideas!

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