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Showing Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Tradition

Showing GratitudeToday is my day to share for the 21 Days of Gratitude Challenge hosted by Inspired by Family Magazine.

I think that sometimes Thanksgiving and the meaning of Thanksgiving gets brushed over with the Christmas bustle getting started earlier and earlier each year. While I love Christmas and the whole Christmas season, I think it is important to remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving and help our children to learn as well. Thanksgiving is not just a holiday of food (although that part is certainly nice) but it is a time it which we should look inwards and recognize all that we have in our lives to be grateful for. When one is truly thankful for something, I believe that they show their gratitude with service. Service could be anything from volunteering to help feed the poor, helping with a food drive, or making a treat for someone you appreciate.

It is very important to me that we raise a daughter who is truly grateful for her blessings and that she learns to show love, kindness, and thankfulness to others. To do this we started a new tradition in which we bake cookies together and then deliver them to someone that we are thankful for in our lives. This year we decided to give them to my grandma and my daughter’s great grandma. How thankful I am that my daughter is being able to get know her great grandma and the wonderful person she is. She has always been there for all her children, grand children, and great grandchildren and we wanted to show our gratitude for her.

Earlier in the week we read some books on Thanksgiving and I talked with my daughter about gratitude and service. While she is still too young to understand these concepts, it is never too early to start teaching children love, kindness, service, gratitude, and generosity.

We will be delivering the cookies next week, so be sure to check our Facebook page for some pictures!

21 Days of GratitudeBe sure to follow along during the 21 Days of Gratitude challenge for wonderful posts about showing gratitude.

What are some ways you teach your children about gratitude and service?


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