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{Christmas Traditions} Write a Letter to Your Child

Christmas Tradition- Writing letter to child

I am somebody who loves traditions. There is just something wonderful about having meaningful traditions within families. It gives you something to look forward to and gives you warm feelings during and after. I thought I would share some of the traditions that we, as a family, have.

For my daughters first Christmas, my husband and I decided we would start a new tradition. We decided that we would individually write a letter to her each year on Christmas, save them all, and then give them to her when she turned 18 (or when she was mature enough to appreciate them).

In these letters we poured out our hearts to her. We wrote of our love for her, our hopes and dreams for her, and all the fun and love we shared the previous year.

I thought to myself: how special would it be as a young woman embarking on a life of your own to receive 18 letters from both your mom and dad full of their love for you through the years? I would have cherished them if I had received them and I know my daughter, one day, will as well.

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For our letters we include the following:

  • Share with them their achievements throughout the year.

Highlight some of their achievements and things that you have noticed that they have worked diligently on through the year. This could be winning a spelling bee, growing as an artist, or learning to be more compassionate. Share fun family moments that were shared throughout the year. Recap the year with any and all special moments.

  • Tell them your hopes and dreams for them in the future

For me this doesn’t mean saying something like “my hope is you’ll become a doctor”. Instead, I try to focus on things of a spiritual and internal significance. For instance, I expressed that I hope my daughter surrounds herself with people who are kind and that she will show kindness to all, especially those that are the hardest to show kindness to.

  • Let them know you love them

I think that sometimes we don’t tell the people in our lives how much we love them because we feel it goes with saying. However, there is nothing more special than knowing that someone loves you both from their actions and their words. Be liberal in sharing your love for them as your child and as an individual. Let them know that your love is unconditional.

Write your letter instead of typing it. I think it is much more special for the child to receive something written in their parents own hand.

This tradition would also be a great one to start for birthdays.

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