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DIY Oatmeal Play dough

Oatmeal Playdough

This homemade play dough is recipe quick, easy, and edible. You won’t have to worry about your little one putting it in their mouth, although I am not sure how good it would taste! The texture of this is different than normal play dough which will make for a nice change.

For This Activity You need
-1/2 cup flour
-1/2 cup water
-1 cup oats ( I used old fashioned but I don’t think it would matter)
-Food coloring (optional)

This Activity
-Builds fine motor skills
-Boosts creativity
-Teaches about texture and smell
-Helps teach about the properties of objects 

Mix the flour, water, and oats together well and add food coloring if desired

Then hand knead until smooth (This starts out very sticky, so add in more flour as you knead to make it smooth)

Oatmeal Playdough

Simple as that! 

She loves poking her fingers in it

She then used a potato masher

Then she used a cookie cutter

 What other items do you incorporate when playing with play dough?

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