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Colorful Bath Play

Toddler Bath Play

Children can experiment with different colors and have fun watching them melt in the bathtub with colored ice cubes. This is really an easy and fun idea for a bath for kids. What is nice about this too is that the mess is contained and just goes right down the drain!

For this activity you will need
-Ice cube tray
-Food coloring

This activity
-Helps explore children’s natural curiosity (What will happen to this ice when it is put into warm water?)
-Helps explore color and color mixing (What color will the water turn when I put a red and yellow ice cube in?)
-Teaches various states of matter such as solids and liquids.
-Teaches concepts such as hot and cold

Fill up the ice cube tray with water, add whatever colors you would like to each opening and allow to freeze completely

Then fill bath as normal 

Let your child experiment and explore!

Use the opportunity to help build their vocabulary by explaining what is happening and what colors are being  produced.

This was a fun bath and what is so nice is that the mess just goes right down the drain! I used this bath for fun and not in place of her normal bath time.

TIP- I used dark colored towels to dry my daughter off afterwards, if you have light colored towels you may want to rinse your child off first just to be safe. 
-The water did not stain my tub at all and just rinsed down the drain.

WARNING: This is supposed to be a supervised activity. Never leave your child alone with water or ice cubes.   

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