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We just got home from a family vacation in Yellowstone National Park. We were quite worried about how our 15 month old was going to do during the 6 hour car ride there; luckily, for the most part, it went smoothly. I packed a road trip survival box which features all kinds of toys, books, snacks, and I also included the Discovery Bottles we made last month. The Portable Sensory Bin also came in handy when we had some waiting to do like waiting for Old Faithful to erupt or waiting out a storm in the car.

We had a lot of fun. There is something about getting back to nature that makes life more clear. It is so beautiful and serene and it a great place to bond as family.

Our family loves the outdoors and hiking, so this trip was ideal for us. We loved seeing the geysers and Isabella really loved Old Faithful and the others that erupted. We were excited to see the wildlife but we were a bit disappointed in that department. We did see an elk and a few bison though, which was fun.

Yellowstone is so gorgeous; if you have not ever been I encourage you to go!

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Old Faithful

 She had the best view

 She loved playing with her cousins; she was in heaven

 Even when we got rained out, she was a happy girl

 My little family

What is your favorite family vacation destination?

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