10 Tips to Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem

tips to Boost child's self esteem
I think that raising children with strong self esteem is one of most valuable things that parents can equip their children with. In doing so you will help to ensure that they will grow to be emotional healthy and successful adult. For more ideas on parenting click HERE.

Here are 10 simple strategies to help boost your child’s self esteem.

1. Encourage rather than praise. This could be by simply saying “I bet you can do it if you try”.

2. When using praise make sure it is for something specific. Praise for effort and strategy instead of the end result.

3. Be respectful of your child. Never use harsh words or belittlement. Always tell your child the truth. Use age appropriate but straightforward answers to their questions (even the hard ones!)

4. Provide opportunities for your child to succeed. Succeeding will allow them to experience internal satisfaction. This will ensure that their self-worth is not reliant on others.

5. Allow children to make choices and practice being independent. This does not mean that they should get a choice in everything, but rather, when realistic give them a choice. This could be as simple as letting them pick between a few options of what they want to eat for lunch. This will give them confidence and a sense of power over their world.

6. Celebrate Uniqueness- in them and others. Let them know it is okay to be different!

7. Let them know it is okay to fail. Teach them that it is the effort put forth that matters most.

8. Offer opportunities to accomplish meaningful work. By picking up their toys or helping with the dishes, they get to experience accomplishments that have tangible results. These can be viewed with a sense of satisfaction that will help them see hard work in a positive light.

9. Provide opportunities for a variety of creative activities. Creative activities allow for the child to see something that they created with a sense of pride which will boost their self-confidence.

10. Teach them to handle stress and relax. Teach them yoga, breathing exercises, or just let them run free outside.


What Tips Would you add?

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  1. says

    This is a great post with nice simple messages that will be really effective when followed through. I was just reading a fascinating article on praising effort rather than telling kids they are smart. The article was 5 pages long but you summed it up in two lines. nice one. I’m pinning this to the Sunday Parenting Party Pinterest board

    • brit_m says

      Thank you! I think that learning that it’s okay to fail is a very valuable lesson as well. We all fail and I think that kids are less likely to take failure to heart and instead will be more inclined to try something different next time in order to succeed if they learn that it is more about the effort then the end result.


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