{Halloween Activity}10 Little Pumpkins Felt Story Board


10 little pumpkins felt story

To put our new DIY flannel board to good use, we decided to get in the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin song and pumpkin felt story board. I thought we could use our felt board to practice counting and explore the concept of size. This is a fun fall toddler and preschooler activity!

For this activity you will need:

  • Flannel board
  • Felt Pumpkins

This activity:

  • Teaches counting and numbers
  • Explores size concept by using “small” and “big” pumpkins

First we started off by singing the “10 little pumpkins song”

One little, two little, three little pumpkins

Four little, five little, six little pumpkins

Seven little, eight little, nine little pumpkins

Ten little pumpkins growing in a patch.

Ten little, nine little, eight little pumpkins

Seven little six little, five little pumpkins

Four little, three little, two little pumpkins

One pumpkin growing in a patch!

Over and Over and Over- well you get the picture

Then we grabbed our felt pumpkins and we sang the song again adding pumpkins as we go. 10 Little Pumpkins Felt Story song

pumpkin felt game

10 little pumpkins song and story felt boardI labeled and showed her the “small” pumpkin and the “big” pumpkin and then asked her if she could find the small pumpkin. She had a lot of fun and liked the song most of all!

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    • brit_m says

      Thanks Kendall! I am glad you liked it because I wasn’t so sure about it, the pumpkins didn’t come out quite like I had envisioned. lol


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